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Micro Focus Data Privacy Manager

Manage and protect privacy throughout the lifecycle of data

Terabytes of data are captured by modern enterprises that can contain highly sensitive informa­tion that if breached could be the ultimate nightmare of corporate executives. Breaches can and do lead to loss of revenue and a decline in brand loyalty which companies and valued employees have worked tirelessly to build up.

As data moves across modern IT in ever growing volumes, current security and privacy controls become ineffective. Businesses don’t know what this sensitive data is, where it’s located, where it flows, who is using it and they have no central control over their data privacy policy management and governance.

Data Privacy Manager enables customers to manage and protect sensitive structured data throughout its lifecycle, from discovery and classification to protection and reporting.

Data Privacy Manager Main Features


  • Discover: Find sensitive structured data in active and inactive systems across the enterprise.
  • Classify: Analyze and classify data such as names, social security numbers, IDs and more based on-pre-set libraries.
  • Enforce: Enforce centrally-set privacy and security policy and manage data across the enterprise from a single pane of glass (e.g. move, delete, quarantine, notify or protect).
  • Protect: Mask or Pseudonymize sensitive data using encryption and tokenization, protecting privacy while keeping it usable for business processes and analytics.
  • Document: Document every action taken throughout the process and generate reports for compliance audits.

Key Benefits

  • Time-to-Compliance: Built-in classification libraries, pre-set rules and discovery speed implementation.
  • Transparency: Data privacy governance from a single pane of glass across Hybrid IT.
  • Productivity: Manage and protect data on production databases without stopping business operations.
  • Usability: Protect data while keeping it usable for analytics and business processes.
  • Defensible Disposition: Document actions step-by-step and product compliance reporting.

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Structured Data Manager (SDM) enables to generate meaningful test data so it can be used by testers or
learners in databases where they do not have the privilege to see the real data. Generally, users hate seeing
data that is generated as random character strings and do prefer seeing data that resembles real data. SDM
enables generating real fake contextual data