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Test and Validate the Impact of Change
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Change is constant – especially in IT! In production environments, change is also very risky. Many changes are planned, but there are also many that are unplanned. Login VSI automatically tests and validates the impact of change in your environment.


Your business is only as productive as your applications! Application performance is business performance – and a good end-user experience is a vital part of that. Login VSI safeguards the performance of your critical business applications.


Downtime is considered to be the greatest fear of most IT organizations! Your business continuity is dependent on your platform availability. Login VSI delivers a holistic view of your platform and all your applications – reducing risk and eliminating downtime.

Performance & Availability Testing

Proactively determining when performance and availability are at risk will prevent loss of productivity and employee engagement. Login VSI alerts you when changes affect the performance of enterprise applications, desktops and networks.

  • Proactively alert on availability and end-user experience
  • Visualize gradual performance degradation over time
  • Catch problems caused by third-party processes

Application Compatibility Testing

Enterprises must ensure their applications function properly after changes to desktop images are made. These changes occur so frequently that testing becomes expensive and time-consuming. Login VSI automatically tests multiple applications a day, identifying the “broken” ones, before deploying them to production.

  • Catch productivity problems early in the change management process
  • Test an array of applications a day
  • Automated testing prevents breaking changes from reaching production systems

Application and Capacity Load Testing

Changes in applications or their underlying infrastructure can impact their performance. Most performance bottlenecks only appear when the system is under high load. Using virtual users, Login Enterprise quickly identifies performance issues by measuring and comparing application load times and responsiveness.

Login VSI is the industry standard in benchmark and load testing for all digital workspaces. Login VSI can right-size production environments, as well as predict the impact of change on capacity and performance of virtual desktop infrastructures.

  • Maximize application performance with application load testing
  • Right size production environments with capacity load testing
  • Predict impact of changes on capacity of the virtual desktop infrastructure


Improve end-user experience and make your VDI environments run better and operate smoother.
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