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Consulting & Resourcing


Make key client relationships more than just a business relationship – this is where trust is built


Consulting & Resourcing

Our Consultancy & Resourcing Services are Managed by our Head of Consultancy & Client Delivery – Paul Crossland.

Paul has nearly 20 years’ experience in client test service delivery and is ultimately responsible for our current onsite client deliveries and relationships. He also manages the development and growth of our test management and functional testing practice and our consultants within this practice.

Paul leads many of our significant testing engagements and works closely with our clients and our people to ensure our services meet, and often exceed, their expectations.

Why EOH?

There are dozens of Test Service Companies all trying to differentiate themselves. We look at it from our customer’s perspective and our experience and customer satisfaction surveys tell us that the most important factors for them are:

  • The Excellence of the Service provided in terms of:
    1. The Quality of Resource deployed;
    2. Engagement /Attentiveness – to ensure the right things are being done and that potential issues can be identified and resolved before they are realised;
    3. Flexibility, Support & Speed of Response
  • Cost.

Our Service

An integral part of our client engagement model is to be fully aware of the status of our clients’ projects.  This enables our Management Team to provide direct guidance to both our assigned resources and directly to our Clients – usually free of charge to them.  Our aim is to be a very visible, attentive and trusted partner that is seen as a positive enabler of our clients’ goals. 

Our People

We very rarely recruit Testers!  We prefer to recruit individuals with a Consultancy mindset whose main motivation is to better themselves through continuous improvement and to be measured by the additional value their engagement brings to their clients’ organisation. 


We do not benchmark our fees/ day rates against the other Test Service Companies – We use the individual contractor market as the basis of our day rates – our rationale is ‘why would a client use a Contract resource when for a little bit more they can receive all the benefits of engaging with us’. 

Our Client Goals:

Improve Quality so Customers recognise our value

  • Adding value and doing the things we’re not expected to do is where a Consultancy / Consultant differentiates themselves
  • Visibility is crucial. We invest time and effort in each of our clients – no matter the size of business
  • It’s not just about onsite delivery – it’s about the consultative experience provided
  • Make key client relationships more than just a business relationship – this is where trust is built
  • Measure customer satisfaction – and act on it
  • Client Service Delivery is crucial – never fail for want of trying


“It’s easy to replace a test service… much harder to justify replacing a test consultancy with the additional value add they bring”

Global Head of QA


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