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A powerful suite of Cloud services in the UK to support local and international ventures.

The central focus of EOH Cloud Services is to give you control of your cloud. We do this through our Cloud Manager, which allows you to provision, monitor and manage your entire cloud infrastructure and the other cloud services that run on it.

We offer Managed Private and Managed Public Cloud services, with the most powerful solution a fully managed Hybrid Cloud service, which offers the best of both worlds. It’s the natural end-scenario for any organisation that wants to make full use of all the potential of cloud computing.

Layered onto these cloud infrastructures are numerous other Cloud Services:

• Iaas

• SaaS

• OaaS

• Backup for Servers


• Extend your Hybrid or Public Cloud into your new or existing UK market.
• Use EOH Cloud Services from your UK offices or sites.
• Better cost efficiencies for your UK operations.
• Reduced risk for businesses who did not previously have access to a secure managed Public Cloud service.

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