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Completely agnostic cloud services – you choose the infrastructure you want, and what software and services you want to run on it.

A managed hosted cloud infrastructure that you can completely configure and control, with expert support.

EOH Managed Public Cloud allows your business to be boundaryless, able to take advantage of all the advantages of a cloud infrastructure that you can control, adapt, increase or shrink in perfect adaptation to your business needs.

A fully managed outsourced cloud infrastructure that you control. You choose how you want to configure it, what platforms you want it to run on and what software you want to run on it.

No need to spend any money on the skills, resources and hardware to build, implement and manage your own infrastructure – you get an instant IT infrastructure ready to go, along with all the support resources it requires.


  • Full control over your cloud environment
  • Flexibility and scalability ensuring that your infrastructure runs as optimally as possible
  • The peace of mind of a fully managed service

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