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Turn your own infrastructure into a managed private cloud, enjoying all the benefits of the cloud while keeping everything in-house

We help to ensure that your cloud solution delivers ROI and better cost-effectiveness.

EOH Managed Private Cloud lets you turn your existing infrastructure into a true cloud computing environment. You retain all your hardware, systems and applications ensuring that these continue to deliver return on investment – while enjoying all the benefits of a modern cloud platform.

You may have invested significant funds in infrastructure and hardware and want to continue using them. Or you may simply not want to use an off-site outsourced cloud infrastructure.

By turning your in-house infrastructure into a cloud environment you gain more flexibility, allowing your business to be more agile and responsive – whether it’s to meet new customer needs or provision new technologies.

Our Managed Private Cloud Services can turn your in-house infrastructure into a fully managed private cloud. You retain your legacy systems, so there’s no need for expensive migrations, or new hardware and software. You simply carry on using whatever you have at the moment.


  •  Keep your existing IT infrastructure
  •  Maximum ROI from your IT investment
  •  No need for migration or spend on new hardware or software

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