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EOH gives you a boundaryless Cloud experience with CloudBolt™ our cloud manager – the freedom, flexibility and agility that only the Cloud can deliver – with full control.

Control all aspects of your Cloud through a single, user-friendly dashboard.

CloudBolt™ from EOH pulls everything together for you. It’s a single portal that puts more functionality and control at your fingertips than anything else available – all from a single interface.

It gives you complete ability to create, provision, monitor and manage all your different cloud services. You can use it for everything from provisioning virtual desktops to managing your entire infrastructure, with constant control over the provisioning workflow process and full cost visibility.

CloudBolt™ – Our cloud manager
The control interface of your entire cloud universe, allowing you to put the cloud to full use in your business.


  • Complete visibility into all your Cloud services
  • Quick, easy, agile deployment abilities
  • Full control to ensure both strategic and tactical alignment of your Cloud services

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