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Application Testing

With years of testing expertise, a risk-based approach, and a mature testing methodology based on global best-practices, you’ll find the most important faults as early as possible at the lowest cost.

People, Process, methodology, consultancy, User friendly tools and automated processes ensure the Automation improves test efficiency and sustainability of the solution.

Performance Testing

Using both sophisticated performance testing tools, and innovative cloud based testing solutions we’ll determine if an application can support the required number of users and handle their requests promptly under real-world conditions, assuring the performance of your customer facing, revenue generating and mission critical applications

Mobile Testing

We’ll help you establish a testing methodology that encompasses functional, automated, security, and performance testing for your mobile applications, as well as compatibility testing across a range of devices and mobile operating systems and platforms.

Automated Functional Test Framework

Automation improves testing efficiency and assures thorough regression testing. We’ll identify automation opportunities to remove human error and shorten delivery time. With our automation framework which has been successfully implemented and deployed at multiple customers across varied industries and applications.


Manual Functional Test Services

Over 66% of testing is manually executed. We manage and resource the entire manual functional testing process.

Test Management Consultancy

We offer the experience we’ve gained from years of test management, providing the highest level of leadership, planning, management, monitoring, control and reporting.

Maturity Assessments

Confidently upgrade your test process with a detailed assessment (including a comprehensive improvement programme) or an informal health check that quickly highlights areas requiring urgent attention for all aspects of testing


Software Security Assurance

On demand and on premise solutions and services that encompasses techniques and security best practices focused on removing security risks from software and preventing their introduction throughout the application lifecycle.. These solutions test applications to ensure against all status risks, both dynamically and statically

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