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Application Performance Management

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Application Performance Management

To maximise your application management investment, EOH Application Performance Management will incorporate and integrate your existing solutions as part of your Total Application Management framework, leveraging your procured assets and the work you’ve done in the past.

EOH Application Performance Management provides a wealth of knowledge, resources, and systems that you can leverage to solve immediate performance and availability issues, as well as create and execute on a long-term performance management strategy that keeps your systems in peak state.

When implementing a monitoring solution, we apply the industry standard “five pillars of application performance management (APM)” model that acts as a top-down, problem-solving framework for tracing and exposing software bottlenecks and faults.

The data gained from this model provides the comparison against performance goals during the gap analysis. Five Pillars of APM:

  • End-user experience monitoring
  • Application component discovery and modelling
  • User defined transaction profiling
  • Application component deep-dive monitoring
  • Application performance management database

Our Services

EOH Application Performance Management can assist you in making the right application performance management choice for your business. We’ll help you procure the right components, understand licensing options, install and configure the system, train your application performance management personnel in its use, and provide you with on-going support and consulting. That way, you’ll get the best value-for-money from your investment.

Application Performance Strategy

We’ll provide you with a framework for defining a long-term application performance strategy, as well as the means to architect a monitoring model to determine immediate requirements. Once the exercise is complete, we’ll conduct a gap analysis to determine where your current monitoring systems fall short of your expectations.

Executive Dashboards

Executive dashboards give your system managers and business executives a high-level view of application performance and availability, based on a combination of data from various sources including the application management solution. Executives will be able to keep a close watch on applications from their desktop, or on-the-go from a tablet, PC or cell phone. When a fault occurs, stakeholders will know immediately, make critical decisions without delay, and communicate effectively with end users, customers and application support teams.

Performance Monitoring

A permanent performance monitoring and management system provides a long-term solution for continuously improving performance and optimising service delivery. Having determined your performance strategy, our application performance management solution analyses collected data on all levels within the application stack and continues monitoring these and our application’s live metrics.

Performance Assessments

If you already face performance issues, we’ll implement a fully-functional monitoring process to reveal bottlenecks or stoppages, and detect the root cause of performance issues and failures. The process inspects application operation in real time at a component level to expose problem areas as well as the conditions under which they occur.