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Validate Your Remote Infrastructure at Scale

Suddenly, a high percentage of your company needs to work from home

You are experiencing a large increase in requests for your staff to work from home. We can help you prepare your infrastructure to support such requests (mandates in some cases).

Login Enterprise can be used to continuously test the availability of remote desktop or application resources 24x7x365.

Will your infrastructure stand up to the demand from remote users?

Login VSI can test and validate your remote infrastructure, helping you to ensure business continuity. With Login Enterprise load testing, IT organizations can be sure they are keeping remote employees fully engaged.

You need to rapidly test and validate your remote infrastructure

Login VSI can quickly test your entire remote environment, be it EUC technologies like Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon or Microsoft RDS and WVD.

Change management for a remote workforce

If this remote workforce paradigm continues, how will you roll out new desktop images? Compliance and change management protocols are hard enough with a centralized workforce, but a remote workforce introduces many new variables – it will require even more testing.