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Mobile Testing with EOH Europe



Mobile app testing solutions that test all aspects of the mobile user experience from functional to performance to context – ensuring that you create apps that delight users.



Mobile Testing with EOH

Users expect mobile apps to be valuable, elegant, and useful. User experience is emotional and is driven by how users think, perceive, and feel. Most importantly, users expect mobile apps to work seamlessly, regardless of their choice of technology, their location, or context.
A good user experience is essential to achieving our business goals, whether it is transforming customers’ experience, increasing workforce productivity, or growing revenues.
The reality is that companies often release apps without fully testing performance and usability. The diversity of device types, screen sizes and technologies means you must never stop testing – continue to validate user experience to ensure you have a full understanding of how your app functions and is perceived

EOH are focused on helping organisations to continuously deliver apps that people love to use. Apps that are delivered to market faster, perform better, are informed by data, and work seamlessly across multiple platforms. EOH can help organisations to:

  • Develop apps in conjunction with your testing process
  • Add analytics to continuously monitor your app
  • Scan your code for issues
  • Test the functionality and performance of your app
  • Proactively monitor performance and availability
  • Monitor the UX and social feedback

EOH can enable an organisation to redefine the mobile experience by delivering a predictable and repeatable mechanism for testing, monitoring and improving their mobile apps.
Solutions can be delivered on premise or from the cloud; for long term or to meet short term project requirements.

Build Mobile Applications

With EOH you can build a memorable mobile experience based on extensive real-world testing and user insights.

Test & Support End-User Conditions;

This provides you with valuable, real-world insights by testing your apps in parallel, in real network conditions

Best Performance

Determine your system capacity by understanding how your app performs across front end, middle tier and back end layers


Maintain Quality

Understand usability, design and defects faster by reusing your testing scripts as cross-platform automated ones


App Security

Identify vulnerabilities earlier so they are less costly to fix and encourage secure coding thorough audits of your application before each release

Monitor Mobile Applications

 Find out how users are experiencing your app with continuous analytics and performance monitoring.

  • Continuous Monitoring; Track slow performance, crashes and resource usage that negatively impact the user experience
  • Proactive Monitoring; Replay synthetic transactions that mimic user experience & set agreed expectations for performance with automated alerts
  • Backend App Performance Views; Analyze problematic user transactions and quickly find the root cause, also monitor all web user traffic
  • Track User Interaction; Know when and why users exit your app, so you can constantly improve the digital user experience.


Optimise Mobile Applications

Continuously improve the mobile user experience by uncovering and fixing any performance or security issues

  • Improved Collaboration; Discover issues, and isolate and resolve defects faster and earlier through modern delivery processes such as Agile and DevOps, and continuous integration (IDE, Jenkins, SCM, etc.)
  • Optimize User Experience Based on Big Data Actionable Insight; Prioritize development efforts based on what matters to the user (performance, stability, flows), optimize testing effort (device matrix, test cases) based on realistic usage
  • Improve & Adapt Security; Automate security defense against app-specific attacks, and get insights to remove vulnerabilities and continuously optimize for changes in infrastructure, processes and security needs.

Mobile Testing with EOH Europe

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