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CloudBees The Company Behind Jenkins

Scaling Jenkins in the Enterprise
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CloudBees: The Company Behind Jenkins

CloudBees is the #1 corporate sponsor of Jenkins. The CTO, Koshuke Kawaguchi, created the Jenkins project; teams of CloudBees engineers continuously add new code; testers assure stability and security; and dozens of field engineers are certified Jenkins administrators.

CloudBees have been improving modern software development since 2010. The founders are open source veterans from Red Hat and JBOSS.

45 of the Fortune 100 trust CloudBees with their mission critical Jenkins delivery pipelines.

CloudBees delivers Enterprise class Jenkins, that’s why we are proud to recommend it as part of the the EOH DevOps Tool chain


Which CloudBees solutions do EOH offer? 

CloudBees Core: a unified Jenkins solution for Software Delivery and Governance

Security and Compliance

Sophisticated authorization reduces risks to software delivery by ensuring credentials and resources are not misused. Create compliance without hindering agility.


Whatever you are delivering – from microservices, Java, .NET to mainframe –  CloudBees Core is the one CI/CD solution for all your applications.


Go beyond physical scaling by driving collaboration across teams to easily propagate best practices, offer CD as a Service across your organization and reduce your administrative and IT burden.

CloudBees Jenkins Support: 24×7 support of your Jenkins environment, ensuring stability and minimising risks

24x7 Jenkins Expertise

Trust the Jenkins experts to provide accurate, enterprise-grade, support and resolve issues quickly.

Rock-Solid Jenkins

Deploy with confidence on a CloudBees-assured distribution of Jenkins and maintain your recommended configuration.

Risk-Free Upgrades

Peace of mind that Jenkins upgrades will run smoothly without any doubts about plugin compatibility.

CloudBees DevOptics: the only tool that measures you against the four Industry DevOps Metrics

Reduce Waste

Get immediate visibility into bottlenecks, wait times and dependencies to identify improvements at every stage of delivery.

Continuously Improve

Access data across teams, tools and applications for actionable insights to measure, manage and optimize DevOps performance.

Leverage Best Practices

Apply DevOps best practices and enable  cross-team collaboration through actionable feedback to refine your continuous delivery capability.

CloudBees is loved by developers, startups and top-tier businesses all around the world.

In the cloud or in your datacenter, CloudBees and EOH help drive the continuous economy.

CloudBees, part of the EOH DevOps Tool Chain

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