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EOH Europe are a Splunk partner

Helping customers to achieve new levels of visibility and intelligence across IT and the business.

Our Operational Intelligence solutions focus on providing real-time investigation and monitoring of business processes and activities, enabling optimisation of these activities and processes by identifying and detecting events that correspond to specific situations.


What is Splunk?

For us, Splunk is the exploratary data engine for IT, often assimilated to the Google of the IT world. It finds, collects, indexes and harnesses the fast moving IT data generated by all your IT systems and infrastructure – physical, virtual and in the cloud. Use Splunk and your IT data to deliver new levels of visibility and intelligence for IT and the business.


Unlocking the value of your data

EOH Europe helps organisations quickly realise benefit from the integration of the Splunk platform. Aligned with our extensive expertise in Application Management, IT Operations and Development, EOH Europe Splunk Services offer:

  • Business Insights – Gain real-time insight from operational data to make better-informed business decisions
  • Operational Visibility – Gain end-to-end visibility to track and deliver on IT KPIs and make better-informed IT decisions.
  • Proactive Monitoring – Automatically monitor your infrastructure to identify issues, problems and attracks before they impact your customers and services.
  • Search & Investigation – Find and fix problems dramatically faster across your organisation using IT data