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Avoid VDI problems. Test with Login VSI.

Improve end user experience and make your VDI environments run better and operate smoother.


The industry-standard in modern workspace performance-testing

Login VSI offers a suite of software solutions to help you provide the best possible user-experience and
application performance, in any type of centralized Windows environment: VDI/SBC/DaaS/Fat clients.

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Industry-standard for VDI load testing

The best possible VDI performance, density and availability with Login VSI

Login VSI offers enterprises and vendors a complete software solution to build and safeguard the optimal performance, scalability and availability of virtual desktop environments, based on our industry standard virtual (synthetic) user technology.


24/7 continuity testing

Protect the performance and availability of centralized virtual desktop environments

The Login PI continuity testing solution uses a single synthetic user running 24/7, to monitor and to safeguard the optimal performance and availability of your own (or outsourced) virtual desktop infrastructure and associated business applications.


Bulk application compatibility testing

Login AT makes compatibility testing reliable, affordable & standardized

Lower cost of operation dramatically through fully automated testing of large numbers of applications. Leveraging the virtual user technology from LOGIN VSI.


Improve end-user experience and make your VDI environments run better and operate smoother.
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