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EOH Continuous Integration (CI) Suite

EOH CI Suite

The EOH Continuous Integration (CI) Suite is a range of products and services that can help you accelerate the implementation of CI and automated testing.

The suite enables the introduction of essential CI practices:

  • A comprehensive and reliable set of automated tests that validate you are in a deployable state
  • Stopping the pipeline if validation fails
  • Developers work in small batches

The Suite is designed to drive value from existing commonly used tools and frameworks such as Jira, Jenkins and Selenium


The EOH CI Suite provides a solution that software delivery teams need in order to deliver software more quickly, and at a consistently high level of quality. The products available in the Suite are integrated and share data and insights, to ensure visibility, transparency, traceability, and collaboration, across the whole development team and beyond.

Products that can be included:

  • Jenkins CI/CD server
  • GitHub (version control and source code management)
  • ALM Octane (Pipeline and development/test management)
  • StormRunner Load (Cloud based performance testing)
  • StormRunner Functional (cloud based environment provision for functional test)
  • Lean FT (TDD)
  • TFS

EOH work with you to design and deliver the solution, selecting from the components available and optionally integrating with existing popular commercial and open source software delivery tools.

Key Benefits

Select the solution that is right for you and get everything you need in a single package.
The Suite gives you access to industry-leading solutions for end-to-end software delivery in a single package, from a single supplier. EOH can design, implement and support according to your needs and budget.


The CI Suite integrates with your existing software delivery ecosystem, whether your team is traditional, agile or a mixture of both. Each product works with Continuous Integration servers such as Jenkins and Bamboo to deliver continuous testing, continuous monitoring and continuous assessment. They also work stand-alone if that’s what you prefer.

Single System of Record

All the information you need from each of the CI Suite products can be rolled up into ALM Octane, a single place where you can see the overall status of all your development streams and assess the quality of the software that’s being developed.

Software as a Service

All of the products in the CI Suite are available from the cloud, and are there whenever you need them. There’s no need to maintain your own servers to host the products, or maintain your own testing environments.

CI Suite with EOH Europe

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